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Specialized Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning includes Floor treatment, stone care, carpet shampooing, Upholstery Shampooing, Marble Crystallization, and Facade Cleaning.

Floor Treatment

We help in giving the floor a finishing touch that is it required to make the office premises look even more engaging.

Stone Care

We also provide professional advice and helps you to protect the natural stone at your office space.

Carpet Shampooing

Sometimes the stains are irremovable, with the help of carpet shampooing these stains are removed which gives the floor all new dimension.

Upholstery Shampooing

Using upholstery shampooing, we remove all the stains that make your chair look dull and dirty so that you get that new like shine back.

Marble Crystallization

The marble which you have used is not shinnied anymore, with the help of Marble Crystallization process we make it look new which creates all new impression on your clients.

Facade Cleaning

Make a great first impression on the clients. We provide Facade cleaning which includes proper cleaning of the outer structure of the building, especially of window glasses.